Saturday, August 31, 2013

Renovations begin

Well, that was a week.

Started out crazy, got bad, and then gradually improved.

One thing I've realized since buying/moving/renovating this house is that it TAKES OVER YOUR WHOLE LIFE. It's all we think about, talk about, shop for, spend money on... I even dream about it. Last night I'm sure I solved our entire closet dilemma while sleeping. Too bad I can't remember.  I'm pretty sure there was a big Civil Rights anniversary this week, and that we are about to start another war in the Middle East, but honestly it's all kind of hazy because "oh my gosh what color will we paint the dining room?!"

My facebook feed is all "anyone know a demolition company?", and "look at our old wallpaper!" Forgive me. I own an old house. It's kind of like having a baby I guess, in the way it takes over your whole being. Only babies smell better.

My house smells like old cats.

So, anyway, if paint colors and renovations and "before!" , "after!" stuff interests you, stick around. It's all I can talk about. If not, come back in a few weeks. I may have found I can still talk about adoption and child rearing and racism and all the other stuff that I used to ponder.

Here is a glimpse into what we've been up to this week:

Taking out the trash

Ripping out old carpet

Painting (okay, paying someone else to paint)

Ripping off old ugly wallpaper to find very old, pretty wallpaper

Is there anything more satisfying than pulling off wallpaper? No? 

Daniel's forest room

no carpet! no wallpaper!

What all the floors will look like someday, we pray.

This kitchen gives me hives. And smells like cats. Mom's not cooking much these days. :(

Then we moved in. I almost had a panic attack, but didn't. Barely.

The best present Andrew ever got me. Hands down.

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