Saturday, April 11, 2015


We try to eat pretty healthy around here. I am that mom, after all. I pack carrot sticks, like, every where we go. (And I don't even like carrots.) But I have my weaknesses. Chocolate chip cookies. Macaroni and Cheese.  Cheese.

and Fluff.

Yes, fluff... that totally not even really a food, sticky gooey sweet food-like substance. A few years ago Andrew and I drove up the West Coast from San Francisco to Seattle, picnicking all the way. I discovered Fluff on that trip. Specifically, fluffernutters.  Man, those are delicious. Especially with a few very ripe sweet strawberries sliced up and stuck in the middle. (Like banana pb&j, only juicier)  Every time I pass a jar of Fluff on my way to pick up peanut butter, I remember that wonderful trip.

So this summer, I decided to give my kids a treat. I bought some fluff. I spread it on some oatmeal bread with some peanut butter. Yum, um, um. Lily loved it. Daniel loved it. I loved it. Andrew just shook his head at me.

Summer vacations are sometimes a good time to break the rules. ;)

What are your favorite summertime treats? 

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