Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our Little Romeo

We are home today, all four of us. Thank Goodness! The snow is falling thick and heavy outside our windows but we are snug inside, whining and bickering playing Barbies, eating snacks and indulging in some quality pajama time.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, which my son has been looking forward to ever since our local grocery store started stocking candy hearts and large red boxes of chocolates (which was like, January 2).  Daniel, born on Shakespeare's birthday, is a Romantic.  In Kindergarten he couldn't stop talking about his friend A--- and her long yellow hair.  Last year he had lots of stories about M---- a dark brown beauty.  This year he's wavered between 4 different crushes. The girl from dance class, whose name he doesn't remember but whose freckles have made a big impression. Also S-----, whose blond ringlets will take her far in life. But S---- one day was out of favor. She was "mean, a bully" reported Daniel.  Now he was deciding between O--- and J----, both smart, tough girls with long pretty hair.

My son, the tough guy with the big heart. Who, when I ask as we walk home, "How was school?" will say with a shrug, "fine, dumb, whatever"... but might for a few minutes slip his hand into mine and confide his latest troubles of the heart.  I treasure those minutes, knowing too well how fleeting they are.

This year Daniel picked out a large box of chocolates in a pink heart shaped box to give to O----. After much consideration, he has decided she is most worthy of his attentions.  I have to say, I agree. O--- is a smart cookie and a hard working student. He could do a lot worse. :) What I wouldn't give to see that moment tomorrow- when he hands her the box of chocolates, eyes probably averted, with a mumbled, "Happy Valentines Day." Oh my little Romeo, wearing his heart on his sleeve so young.  Will she accept the surprise gift? Will she giggle and run away? Will he be teased by his friends all day?

A few weeks ago,  I asked Daniel which girl from dance class he was talking about, since he couldn't remember her name.

I said, "What does she look like?"

He said, "You know, the one with the hair and stuff."

Oh, young girls and their hair and stuff... Please be gentle with my son's heart. It's much bigger and much more fragile than you can imagine.

* If I had planned ahead, I would have gotten him to pick out non Slave labor, Fair Trade Chocolate. Next year, next year.

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