Saturday, April 11, 2015

scenes from a non-traditional, traditional Thanksgiving...

When I was a kid, we had a fairly unusual Thanksgiving tradition- born out of our working mom's busy schedule, and our shared dislike of turkey (and grumpy mommies).  Most years, we went to Chinatown and ate Peking Duck. (If you haven't had this... you have missed out. Yum, yum, yum!) In the 80's-90's of my childhood, we would usually be the only white family in the restaurant. I have lots of fond memories of long delicious meals in the red and yellow lit basements of a large Chinese restaurant, spinning the lazy susan around and around and daring each other to eat hot sauce...

Well, times have definitely changed... but some things remain the same. Working moms (like myself) do not really have the time and energy to cook an elaborate meal on a Thursday.  No-one (in my family at least) really likes turkey. And having to cook and clean up a huge meal after working all week makes (this) mommy grumpy.

So after a few years of grumpy mommy and dried out turkeys, we took it old school... We went to Chinatown!

And, it seems like lots of folks have figured out that Peking Duck tastes much better than Butterball... because the restaurant was full of all kinds of families- Chinese, white, mixed groups... All happily spinning the lazy susan and gobbling dumplings.

Another family tradition revived this year was going to see the parade... where my baby sister famously was lost for 5 minutes in 1980. Yes, the big Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. Lost. My mother has maybe just recovered. And we were planning to take my daughter, who is famous for running into traffic/out of stores/up mountains?... Yes, yes we were. But, miraculously, Lily stayed with us, and had a wonderful time sitting on daddy's shoulders as the marching bands played "Let it Go."

We experienced several Thanksgiving miracles this year... which was a great blessing after a very hard week.

First of all, we found not one but two perfect parking spaces. In Manhattan! Hosanna!

Secondly, Lily (who eats nothing but peanut butter sandwiches these days) tried not one but THREE new foods! Duck! Beef ribs! Dumplings! Hosanna!

Thirdly, by 3PM we were all in our pajamas eating pumpkin and apple pies with ice cream and watching a movie. Hosanna in the highest!

However you celebrated, I hope you experienced some beautiful little miracles today.

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