Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ethiopian Food: Yum, Yum, Yum!

I love visiting Ethiopia. I love seeing our family, the beautiful land and animals, and to be immersed in a language and culture that is so different than our own. But what I miss most when I come home is this:

The macchiatos. Oh, the delicious, delicious macchiatos. Hot, strong bunna (Ethiopian coffee) topped with foamed milk and sprinkled with cinnamon or chocolate powder, sometimes served with a little cookie and always with a liberal helping of sugar. Just the best.
You can buy coffee pretty much anywhere - a fancy hotel,  tiny hut, a roadside stand, or maybe at this adorable soda shop. 

At the Sheraton, you can have your coffee with a side of a banana split, if you like.
Traditionally coffee beans are roasted and then ground by hand just before brewing.
Here L is grinding the coffee in her family's home. This was the best bunna we had in Ethiopia, hands down. 

A fancy traditional meal- a variety of stews on top a platter of injera (sourdough pancake)
This one includes ground chickpeas, lentils, beef, cheese, salad and stewed greens. 

A very fancy "fasting" platter - all vegan for those observing Orthodox Easter fasting.
On this plate: lentils, beats, salad, chickpeas, peas, stewed greens, eggplant.

The southern regions are known for its beef. Here is a traditional beef stew roasting over a mini open flame. 

Lake Awassa is known for its fish, and here is a large pot of fish soup being prepared right next to the fisherman's market. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ethiopian animal kingdom!

Andrew and I thought seeing all these animals was cool. WE liked stopping and taking photos. WE enjoyed the boat ride. Our children... well, our children would rather be swimming. Nevertheless, we did see some amazing animals on this trip. We traveled south from Addis Ababa through Hosanna, Halaba, and stayed at Lake Awassa for a few days. It was beautiful, beautiful country.

Lots of hard working donkeys on the road. This one is hauling water.

This turtle was just crossing the road in front of a church in Addis. As one does.

The giant birds of Awassa.

First we make friends with the monkeys

And then we feed them from our heads. 

More beautiful birds of Awassa. Oh, you wanted to know their names? Sorry, try Nat Geo.

Hippos! Real live hippos! I'm still giddy. They are so cool. 

Yes, that is me talking with an ostrich.

Monkeys everywhere! Not pictured: the one that stole our breakfast that one morning.
Camels! Apparently grown for the meat market, not for caravans.

Lily was given a donkey ride by her father and brothers. A very special treat.


We went to Ethiopia! And back again! This was our longest trip yet, and it was amazing. We are still unpacking and recovering from jet lag and trying to get back into some normal routines. My brain is definitely still in recovery mode. Until my words can form more coherently here are some photos.
Today's theme! Travel!

Plane selfie. Ethiopian airlines is a fun way to travel- you feel like you are already in the country just stepping on the plane. Downside: it's usually a bit smelly, noisy, crowded and the food can be bad. So, yes, just like being in Africa! LOL

A tik tuk - a tiny taxi with 3 wheels. I was eager to try one, but was vetoed.

tik tuk!
Travel by donkey cart. Usually they are heavily loaded with market goods or people.

Yes, that is 3 people on one motorcycle. We kept track- the record was 4.

We went around the countryside in a our wonderful driver's 4 wheel drive.
D  in the mirror, looking studious as he uses our driver's fancy camera. 

more camera work, this time on a boat! 

Lake Awassa. Not audible in this picture - the whining about having to take a boat ride just to see boring old hippos! Can't we just swim in the pool?!

Kids around the world: demanding screens for long car rides. Or short ones, you know.
looking down the road as we approach the family village

Back in America, still on vehicles. 

Our last flight was cancelled, so we ended up on the train to NYC. We were a bit tired out.