Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ethiopian animal kingdom!

Andrew and I thought seeing all these animals was cool. WE liked stopping and taking photos. WE enjoyed the boat ride. Our children... well, our children would rather be swimming. Nevertheless, we did see some amazing animals on this trip. We traveled south from Addis Ababa through Hosanna, Halaba, and stayed at Lake Awassa for a few days. It was beautiful, beautiful country.

Lots of hard working donkeys on the road. This one is hauling water.

This turtle was just crossing the road in front of a church in Addis. As one does.

The giant birds of Awassa.

First we make friends with the monkeys

And then we feed them from our heads. 

More beautiful birds of Awassa. Oh, you wanted to know their names? Sorry, try Nat Geo.

Hippos! Real live hippos! I'm still giddy. They are so cool. 

Yes, that is me talking with an ostrich.

Monkeys everywhere! Not pictured: the one that stole our breakfast that one morning.
Camels! Apparently grown for the meat market, not for caravans.

Lily was given a donkey ride by her father and brothers. A very special treat.

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