Saturday, April 7, 2018


We went to Ethiopia! And back again! This was our longest trip yet, and it was amazing. We are still unpacking and recovering from jet lag and trying to get back into some normal routines. My brain is definitely still in recovery mode. Until my words can form more coherently here are some photos.
Today's theme! Travel!

Plane selfie. Ethiopian airlines is a fun way to travel- you feel like you are already in the country just stepping on the plane. Downside: it's usually a bit smelly, noisy, crowded and the food can be bad. So, yes, just like being in Africa! LOL

A tik tuk - a tiny taxi with 3 wheels. I was eager to try one, but was vetoed.

tik tuk!
Travel by donkey cart. Usually they are heavily loaded with market goods or people.

Yes, that is 3 people on one motorcycle. We kept track- the record was 4.

We went around the countryside in a our wonderful driver's 4 wheel drive.
D  in the mirror, looking studious as he uses our driver's fancy camera. 

more camera work, this time on a boat! 

Lake Awassa. Not audible in this picture - the whining about having to take a boat ride just to see boring old hippos! Can't we just swim in the pool?!

Kids around the world: demanding screens for long car rides. Or short ones, you know.
looking down the road as we approach the family village

Back in America, still on vehicles. 

Our last flight was cancelled, so we ended up on the train to NYC. We were a bit tired out.

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