Thursday, April 23, 2015

9 Wonderful Things...

About my son, who turns 9 today.

You were this little gentleman, and then I blinked.


1. You are generous. You go to school with handfuls of toys and come home with a smile, saying that you gave them all away to your friends.

2. You are gentle. Babies love you, because despite all your antics and prat falls, they feel safe in your arms.

3. You are funny. You crack me up, even when I'm in a fuming, irritated, Monday-morning mood. Telling jokes was one of the first things you learned to do in English.

4. You are linguistically gifted.  From the very beginning of our family, at 5 years old, you strove to learn how to communicate. You used every tool you had, gestures, Amharic and English words, little phrases, and you made sure you communicated. You constantly asked "what's this? what's that?" and you still do. I rarely have to tell you a new word twice.  Makes sense, as you share this birthday with Shakespeare, also a master of language.

5. You are a great big brother. Your sister is always under your protection, whether she likes it or not. She is the first person you look for and the first person you want to be with. She is your little shadow, and boy, is she lucky to have you!

6. You are strong. You were a tough little 5 year old boy, and now you are a larger than life, growing out-of-everything 9 year old. Very soon, you'll be taller than I am.

7. You love to eat! You are willing to try almost anything. You love salsa, spice and flavor. You love to make your own snacks and eat with gusto.

8.  You are resilient. You've had some tough days, and some challenges even adults haven't faced, but you still laugh, love life and love your family.

9. You are loved. By so many people. And you love others. You are a true friend, will be a stalwart partner to some lucky person (and there are a few girls in your 3rd grade class who've been scribbling your name in their notebooks...), and are a wonderful, amazing son.

Happy Birthday Daniel.

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