Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Awesome Things About My Daughter on the Day She Turns 5.

You were this tiny. And then, I blinked. 

Lily. You are awesome.

We are in awe of you.

You are turning 5 years old today, which makes my eyes fill with tears and my heart fill with Love. I'm going to be giving you lots of extra hugs and kisses today. One for me, and all the others for your Ethiopia family who cannot reach you right now. 

Five Things That Are Awesome About Lily.

1. Your love of life. You have this amazing, strong spirit that brings so much energy and joy to everyone around you. When you smile and laugh and sing and spin around in joy, everyone who can see you lights up. I hope you always bring this much joy into every room you enter.

2. You are so smart! Your little brain works so quickly! You are constantly noticing things and making connections. You love reading and learning and figuring things out... which often gets you into a bit of trouble, but this curiousity and love of learning will take you far.

3. You are fierce! You have a strong will and a stubborn determination which is amazing to behold. When you really want to do something, you don't believe anything (anyone) should stand in your way! You are ready to take the world by storm! 

4. You are a star! You love to entertain. You were born for the stage, and you know it! You love an audience, a spotlight, a place to show off your God-given talents. It is amazing to watch how you joyfully belt out the songs you know, and how you expect nothing but applause for your efforts.

5. You are strong. Life has given you many physical challenges so far: hunger, illness, deprivation, hearing loss... and you have battled them all and won. You are freakishly strong for a small child; you can pick up kids your own age! You run faster, climb higher, and ride anything on wheels better than most 5 year olds I know. You are fearless!

Happy Birthday, darling girl.

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