Friday, August 9, 2013

moving news...

or lack of them...

my new best friend
So, we bought a house. Or, rather, we are in the process of buying a house. It's a small house about 20 minutes away from our current apartment, in a neighborhood we didn't know existed until we started looking to buy a house.  We were completely priced out of our current neighborhood. In fact, the price we are getting for our apartment is pretty hysterical. (In the crazy sense of hysterical, not the ha-ha sense.) There's a really good, deep blog post waiting to be written about race and segregation in New York City and how certain neighborhoods are "affordable" still because of who lives there and what color they are, and well, I'm just not up for that right now.  Let's just say that we can afford this house, that our kids will "fit in" in this neighborhood while Andrew and I will not (yet).  It's going to be lovely and wonderful. Well, it will be lovely once we've done all the things than need to be done that I'm too terrified and exhausted to list here. Suffice to say, it's an old house and it needs a complete renovation oh my god how am I going to live through that! some work.

But once we're done creating my fantasy house  renovating, we'll have lots more space and light and S-P-A-C-E.  Including a driveway and a backyard.  Two things beyond price.  If you live in NYC you know what I'm talking about.  If you live in a suburb you can just shrug your shoulders at me and I'll mutter something like, "well... museums!" and we'll just agree to disagree.

The countdown to our big move is less than two weeks. We think. We still don't have a closing date for either the sale of our apartment or the purchase of the house. When I mention that to people I often get shocked, worried or indignant responses. As in, "How can they NOT have set a date yet!?" or "Oh my goodness that's TERRIBLE!"  And I shrug my shoulders. After the long, un-pre-determined wait for our international adoption this is NOTHING. Wait a few weeks for an important event? Fill out some paperwork? Piece of cake! (Read about our Adoption Wait here, or here, or here.)

I just wish I had the nesting energy I had in the last few weeks before the kids came home. Ohmygoodness! What I accomplished! Painting, quilting, canning, freezing, organizing, washing, folding, repairing, decorating.  I was Martha Stewart on speed!

Now just looking at the packing tape and boxes makes me want to lie down. I've packed about 30 boxes and barely made a dent in our belongings. (Even after the big purge, we have waaaaay too much stuff, in my opinion.) I'm getting close to just throwing it all into plastic bags and calling it done.


So in a couple of weeks I post some photos of our new house! And you can all scratch your heads at our stupidity  inspiration in buying this house and offer words of renovation wisdom.

 OK? Okay!

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