Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Old House

We just came back from seeing our new (old) house.  I'm now in need of some hand holding and some forehead stroking and some general "shhh, honey, it's going to be okay baby, don't worry honey."


they have no idea how much work is involved in moving

scary basement kitchen

scary basement hallway

scary basement bathroom

actual kitchen, not as scary

This built in cabinet is the entire reason we are buying this  house. That, and the driveway.

Lily checks the plumbing

Should we keep it?

1940's era lovely main stair

umbrella stand not included

Lily checks the view from the front steps

giant garage that will be torn down and replaced with a garden


  1. keep the chandelier, mama! it goes with the 1940s era look. you never know what banquets you may have under the chandelier! take lots of deep breaths, but wear a dust mask ;)

  2. You will make it beautiful! Congrats man. Remember that you don't have to do it all at once. In fact, you don't HAVE to do anything, just take it slooooooow. I have mixed feelings about the chandelier - I'd have to see it in person. It could be cool to move it to an entirely unexpected place - like lilly's room or the bathroom or the top of the staircase...

  3. What a cool house! Is it in Bed/Stuy? Is it a passover kitchen in the basement? Old houses can be fun (ours is 100+ yrs old in upstate NY). Do a little at a time. Try to unpack as much as possible before school starts.


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