Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Lily's curls were harnessed into tiny braids for the past 3 weeks, and haven't been "freed" until today... 


Her hair is soooo long now, especially considering she came home almost bald just 2 years ago. 

The braids did a great job keeping the salt, sun and sand of our beach vacation from damaging her scalp or hair. Her curls are healthy and shiny. Today I rinsed her hair with diluted apple cider vinegar, applied lots of conditioner, and then styled it a simple "updo".  All while she played "Doctor Lily" and clowned around with her brother.  (Which may explain why some parts of the braids are a little bit crooked.)

 The "updo", or as Lily calls it, "Princess Hair" is just two cornrows going in opposite directions across the top of her head, and the rest pulled back with a ponytail and braided in two sections.  My cornrows are definitely improving, but not up to code just yet.
from the back...
Now if only Lily would wear her sleep cap all night (instead of yanking it off by mid-night), this style might last a few days!

I've been asked by a couple of people why I don't let Lily wear "free" hair or sport her Afro more often. The simple truth is that Lily's hair is so thick and so curly, and she is such a, ahem, "free spirit", that when her hair is left down it gets painfully tangled.  Her hair has proven very difficult to detangle and style after even a day of "freedom." So, until she's older and knows better how to protect her curls, and I get the combo of Afro products right, we'll stick with our "Princess Hair". 

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