Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Blog-versary to Me!

More Injera Please is 1 Year Old! Hooray!

So, as a present to myself, ahem, I'm tinkering and redecorating the blog... don't mind me. It's just virtual practice while we wait for our mortgage paperwork to go through and I can start in on the real thing... our new house! (Which we are moving into at the end of the summer. In which case More Injera Please might have to be re-named: How to go about a major home renovation without losing your mind.)

Thank you! if you've been reading this little blog since July of 2012. Welcome! if you just happened to stumble upon this site while trying to figure your way around your new blog reader. (So long Google Reader, it was fun while it lasted!) Usually I write about international adoption, transracial family life, parenting, Ethiopian cooking/ culture or how infuriating adorable my two children are. I'm a bit rusty since the end of the school year, so forgive me, precious readers, while I get my footing again.

Happy Birthday Injera Mama!

Here is an adorable photo of baby Lily. You're welcome.

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