Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our School Boy

I realized, a bit late, that I never did a "Year of Daniel" post around his 7th birthday. So... Here is a "School Year of Daniel"!

He finished up 1st Grade today. Amazingly, he's really reading now, and his writing is moderately decodable and he's pretty much the man on campus. Next year he moves up to the "big building"... and no mommy will be around to remind him to bring his lunch box or give him kisses in front of his friends. Sigh. No more spying on him during my bathroom breaks. I'm going to miss that.

Looking back at photos of my son from this past year it really is remarkable how much he has grown and changed.  He's definitely not a baby anymore. (I also get a kick out of seeing the various hairstyles we've tried...)

my sweet baby boy in September

making injera at last!
losing a tooth

flat top haircut

there goes another tooth!
Mr. Muscles carrying our Christmas tree

grrrr... arghhh....

and another tooth!

dance show!

so ready for summer...

last day of First Grade. And look! front teeth!

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