Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

or... "Mom, can I have a cell phone?!"

Daniel loves to borrow our phones and take selfies...

borrow, meaning: steal and hide

he's got a career in drama ahead of him...

Our little boy grew himself up into a big boy this year.  He declared that he doesn't like kisses, refuses to hold hands walking down the street, and insists that he be allowed to drive the car.

Daniel is 7, going on 17.  He is still astonished that 8 year olds are not allowed to drive. He was convinced that driving was the next logical step after being allowed to get rid of the booster seat.

We've had many, many conversations about this.

The other day he declared, looking me straight in the eye, "I EXPECT to get a cell phone for Christmas."

He was really miffed when I answered that not only would he NOT be getting a cell phone this year, he would be buying himself his own phone when he got into HIGH SCHOOL.

We shouted at each other for a while about this, then we each walked away, grumbling to ourselves.

Daniel sees his parents (and well, just about every adult in America) spending lots of time looking at their phones.  He thinks we're all playing games. (OK, he may be right on that score.) I tried to explain that usually I'm reading- reading articles about African hair care or getting updated on the Egyptian revolution. He is not convinced.

Why would anyone choose to read?!

Independence. Freedom to make your own choices. Daniel's had a lot of big choices made for him in his short life. He's pretty tired of it, and would like to make his own.  Even if he can't reach the petals, he wants to drive.

It's hard, parenting a 7 year old who wants to be 17. Makes me wonder what he will be like when he reaches 17!? There are so many things he just can't do (drive, have a phone). There are so many things he still needs to learn (to remember to pick up his pajamas off the floor, how to pack his own lunch), and so many things he thinks he knows, but really doesn't (shoe tying is elusive, walking to school by himself... sometimes he forgets to look at the cross walk sign and just barges into the street!)

So Daniel is struggling... struggling to be independent without being surly. Struggling to show his mastery of skills he's still learning. Struggling to be cool and grown up, when he's not so sure what that really means. (Should he like Justin Beiber, or not?!)

On good days I think, "this is practice for when they are teens." On my bad days I think, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

And sometimes, when we are walking to school, he still slips his hand into mine. And I hold it, and marvel at my little grown up boy.

Happy Independence Day!

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