Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top Five Hits

The top five hits on the blog in the past year were....

it's important to stop and smell the roses sometimes...

5. On being a Visible Family

This one is about some of the ups and downs of being a trans racial family. Also, Daniel's first (happy) experience in a barber shop!

4. Today

A short Mother's Day prayer

3.Parenting in the Deep End

On which I admit to sometimes not having an answer to our son's Big questions, and how difficult some days are when he's struggling to be at peace with his past.

2. Before and After 

This little piece about how I cleaned out a closet is the #2 favorite of the year. Hmmmm... Americans really have a closet problem, I guess!

1. Injera Time!

In which I talk about how important eating Ethiopian food at our favorite local restaurant has been to our family, and some helpful hints for using up leftover injera.

(Sadly I think most of the hits to this page are hoping for a good injera recipe. Sorry readers!)

And to all of you... Thank You for reading! 

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