Monday, July 8, 2013

and misses...

This is a teeny-tiny blog with a misleading (sometimes) title... so I was very excited just now to see that on my "stats" page we had reached 11111 page views! That must be a lucky number!

we never tire of carousels. never.

Here are five posts that didn't get lots of traffic this year, but hey, I liked them so I'm going to try and make you read them again!

  Maybe everyone just missed those days... Maybe everyone was really busy, reading all about some celebrity's new (poorly named) baby. Maybe everyone had just taken a vow of screen free living.  Maybe everyone had the flu (that is a distinct possibility, this winter).

Anyway... here are five posts you might have missed this year:


This was the happy follow up to this post,  telling the story of the organization Mercy Project, which works in Ghana to change the lives of child slaves.

These Two

In which I reflect on the close relationship Lily and Daniel have. (Update: they are still very close siblings, but boy, can they push each other's buttons!)

Season of Light

This was the first post in a series on our Unitarian-style Advent celebrations. Christmas in July anyone?


Strangely, this little read post was the one that came before the very popular "Before and After" closet cleaning piece. Anyway, I still have too much stuff, and now I have to pack it all up and move it to a new stuff holder house!

Can't Sleep

In which I remember the very first night Lily couldn't sleep, and how it foreshadowed all the sleep issues that have followed...

I promise tomorrow I'll go back to actually writing, not just making lists of things I've already written!

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