Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Got Milk?

If this was a post about sewing instructions or a fix-it manual, it would have a key on the top saying: 

Degree of Difficulty: High

Raising my daughter has proven to have a high degree of difficulty. An easy child, she is not.

Here is the situation.

My child is lactose intolerant. She has not had milk as part of her daily diet since she was 18 months old. This has never been a problem.

My child has started Kindergarten. I told the cafeteria staff, no milk. I reminded my child, no milk.

My child has been drinking several cartons of milk per day since September. GUZZLING IT.

She has had a stomach-ache since the beginning of October. She continues to drink milk.

I remind the staff, no milk. I remind my child, no milk.

"Lily, why do you think you have a stomach ache?

"Oh, it's because of all the milk."

I go beat my head upon a wall for a few minutes.

Last week I upped the stakes. I said, if you drink any more milk, I will make you wear this t-shirt to school. (This child spends lots of time and energy deciding on her outfits every day. She has very definite opinions about her clothes.)

She replied, "Oh, I like that t-shirt!"

I smiled. This child is a very good liar.

For two days, she did not drink milk. (I also compromised and sent her to school with a small container of almond milk for her cereal. Dry cereal isn't much fun.)

Monday, she drank a carton of milk at lunch. *

Tuesday morning**:

"Mommy, who do you make me do all these things and keep saying no!?!"

"Because I'm trying to raise you to be a decent person who makes good choices."


The stakes are high, people. The stakes are high.

*She also ate a hamburger, which she has never done, ever, anywhere. And it definitely was not organic, humanely raised beef, that's for sure. Sigh.

** She actually did not wear it to school. Her stomach was hurting her so much she decided that the milk wasn't worth it. I took the picture as leverage. I also have the shirt in my bag.***

*** Have I mentioned that my children attend the same school I teach at? I have my spies everywhere. Poor kids.

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  1. I love it.. And I love your tone. I can hear you say this lol


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