Saturday, October 31, 2015

Calling Truce on the Dinner Time Battles

ice cream, now that we always like

I don't know how anyone parented before the Internet.  The Internet has saved my trans-racial, adoptive parent butt many, many times.

Most recently, this article has helped us have peaceful, happy mealtimes. No, really.

I've read a lot about picky eating. I've written about it too. Here and Here It's been almost as frustrating a parenting battle as our sleep struggles.* Not even close really, but pretty unpleasant.

But this week, we figured out a solution that seems to be working. Hooray!

I make dinner - something I know the three of us non-picky eaters will enjoy. I put it on the table, or more like because our son is kind of an over eater, I plate our dinners and put them on the table. Then I put a small amount of a plain starch (the pasta we're eating with just butter, or some bread, or plain rice) on a plate for Lily. Then I put small amounts of 3-5 healthy choices on a plate and put the plate on the table where Lily can reach it. Usually the choices are carrot sticks, apple slices, hard boiled eggs, cheese slices, nuts, etc.

We all eat. We eat what is on our plates, and a little bit off of the healthy choice plate. With some encouragement, Lily will eat her plain starch and a good serving of protein, fruits and vegetables.

Most importantly, we've stopped fighting over food at the table. We have pleasant meals with conversations! Amazing!

Occasionally Lily will fuss over food, and I just say, as the article recommends. "You don't have to eat it."

Bon appetite!

* We seem to have reached an end to those too, thank you every god that ever was. Most of our sleep struggles seem like hazy nightmares now.  

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