Wednesday, May 1, 2013

used to...

My school has a new health initiative in which we learn and practice an "Exercise of the Week."  Last week was Warrior 1 Pose.  For non-yogis, that's this:

As I stretched my hands up over my head I thought, wow, this feels great! And that's when I decided to go back to yoga.

I used to do yoga a lot. "Used to" is a phrase I say often.  I hear lots of mothers of young children saying it. As in," I used to go to the bathroom by myself. I used to sleep past 6:00AM on Sunday morning. I used to not be quite so cranky and irritable all the time."

Or maybe that last one is just me.  Having toddler is stressful. They are adorable, but let's not kid ourselves, it's like living with a ____________ (use your own analogy. Mine are all very un-PC.)  Who else screams bloody murder because You picked out the wrong shoes!, or I don't want to take a bath! or Daniel took a bite of my sandwich! that she wasn't even eating!   (I use the phrase, "Use your big girl words" quite a lot these days.)

I love the feeling that I get from yoga. That inside-out clean feeling. That "I can do ANYTHING" feeling of physical accomplishment. That good exhausted feeling.  So, I went back to yoga last night and it was great! How ironic though, that I finally start going to yoga again at the very conveniently located neighborhood studio the week we decide to move. Ah, well.

I'm hoping that stretching my arms up over my head once a week will help me get through this final toddler year, the move, the end of the school year...

And, I don't have to say "used to" quite so much.

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