Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keeping busy...

Well, it's been a very busy April around here...

We celebrated a three year old...

and a seven year old... (click here to read all about how I feel about my kids getting older)

 enjoyed a dance recital...

started enjoying weekly baseball games... (someone likes hitting a whole lot more than fielding)

 AND... decided to move.

Yup. We found a neighborhood not too far from us that is safe, quiet and has small houses with driveways and backyards for sale. Daniel has been begging us for a "small house with a big backyard" (you'd think he was born on an African farm or something!)  So when we saw what the housing market was offering... we had to take the plunge. Our little apartment will be put on the market on Mother's Day.  So I've got two weeks to finally! fix the plaster in the kitchen, hide all the photos and knick-knacks (good thing I've been zenifying!) and touch up the paint for the open house.

Oh yes, and I requested a grade transfer at work for the next school year... because I like to keep my life as complicated and challenging as possible interesting.

Which is why I've been looking like this by 8:00 in the evening:

Motherhood, it's so glamourous.

Do you notice how a certain toddler DOES NOT look sleepy in that photo? Lily's new sleep challenge is falling asleep before 9:30PM. Yes, NINE THIRTY PM.  Yes, it's terrible. No, we have no brilliant ideas about how to fix it. She has to nap at daycare because otherwise I'll need to buy her teachers a new house too.  Sigh. 

But, life is good. We are very lucky to have these two goofballs keeping us awake and making us buy them houses with backyards. :)

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