Monday, March 4, 2013

Sam I am?

L enjoyed a celebration of another favorite author.  How appropriate that Max crown is!

Lily and I have been living out our own little version of Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham lately...

It goes like this:

Mama, why you kissing me?

Because I love you baby.

You love me?

Yes, I love you!

You love me all the time?

Yes, I love you all the time.

You love me whole world?

Yes, I love you whole world.

You love me in the night?

Yes, I love you in the night.

You love me in the house?

Yes, I love you in the house, and with a mouse.

I will love you in a train, and the rain, and in a box with a fox too!

In other news... this finally happened!

Daniel is so excited... can't tell what side effect he likes more, the random uncontrolled spitting or the weird whistling noises he makes when he talks.

Happy Monday everybody!

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