Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick Updates...

mom we are not amused at this photo session.  

There are a bunch of long, complicated posts rattling around in my head these days, but these days have been FULL, and I haven't sat down to write at length, yet. So instead, here are some quick updates on things we've been working on and celebrating lately...

1. SLEEP. Lily is sleeping! through the night! and going to bed peacefully! (I'll now go knock on every piece of wood in my house.)  Our co-sleeping practice seems to be giving her a measure of peace and ease that she didn't have sleeping on her own. So now that she knows we are going to end up together every night, she goes to sleep at her bedtime, in her own bed, and the night terrors are much, much fewer. She seems to instinctively know the grown-ups' bedtime, because if Andrew and I stay up late she wakes up and cries for us. But, things are so, so much better.

2. My campaign against candy for healthy eating continues... although Lily continues to try and thwart me. Last Sunday at a church breakfast I fished out a jolly rancher from her mouth. Now, where she found a jolly rancher at a pancake breakfast?... That is a question a mother should not ask.  Happily, Lily has decided that her favorite snack is carrot sticks. Hooray!

3. Daniel still has a mouthful of gums after losing his two front teeth. He is eagerly wiggling another loose one, but I keep telling him, please! Leave some teeth in your mouth! After all, he loves carrot sticks too.

4. We are in SUPER pre-birthday preparations. We visited the party store. We are collecting things for goodie bags (superheros for D, carousel theme for L). I have a crazy idea plan to bake all the cupcakes myself over our spring break.  (That is: 30 for D's class, 25 for L's daycare, another 30 for our family party.) As it turns out, I am the other kind of that mom: the kind that creates elaborately decorated, sweetly themed, all-homemade birthday parties.  My years of subscribing to Martha Stewart are paying off...

5. Spring Break is coming up! And do you know what present I gave to myself? CAMP. Yes, my children will be attending camp/daycare during most of their vacation. Which means, I get a vacation! (And plenty of time to bake 85 cupcakes.) God Bless the YMCA.  D will have so much more fun playing there than tagging along on my errands or visiting the Children's Museum for the 10th time this Winter.  (Daniel, by the way, now has a full compliment of after school activities. He is an all-American boy: piano lessons, hip hop class, baseball practice, track class. I guess that makes me an all-American mom.)

We are off for another busy fun weekend... during which I'm hoping to take a quick peak at our sadly neglected roof garden. Is is Spring yet?

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