Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quick Hair Update

This morning when I went to pick up Lily in the church nursery I had a happy surprise- the teacher had transformed her afro puffs into cute spiral twists. And Lily was letting her! Sitting still in a chair! Amazing.  A similar phenomenon to how peacefully Lily goes down for naptime at daycare. Sigh.

Anyway... both the kids' hair is getting very long.  This Fall Daniel decided he wanted to have longer hair. So his hair routine has changed from simply rubbing coconut oil into his scalp a few times a week to daily moisturizing and combing/brushing. This week I used a deep conditioning shea butter mix in his hair before washing. It is amazing how dry his hair gets as it grows longer. (It is about 1cm. now)  I think he will soon choose to go back to the barber shop. :)

Lily has gotten over her hatred of having her hair washed.  In winter I wash it even more infrequently- I use shampoo in her hair about once a month. Once a week I rinse it and give it lots of conditioner.  We have still not found a style that we can leave in for more than a week. By Friday she is usually looking pretty fuzzy.  Even though she has now, at last, agreed to wear her sleep cap.

I've been watching online videos on Ghana plaits/hair threading at "Girls Love Your Girls", and "Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care"... so we may try that soon. Until then we've had

some simple box braids...

and ponytails...

and those delicious twists!


  1. With all the great education you are getting on how to handle hair of a different nature, the issues among spirited little girls are the same. Prudence thinks she wants long hair, then refuses having it combed, washed, or managed in any sense. Barrettes and hair ties are useless. I would keep her hair in a crisp pixie if I didn't love the idea of her adorable little girl curls so much.


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