Friday, November 23, 2012

got culture?

A good friend (and fellow mommy) and I had an interesting discussion this week about how to get your kids involved in things you are interested in.  As opposed to only doing things they are interested in. Meaning, how do you avoid spending your weekends coloring, playing superheros, watching cartoons, listening to children's music and hanging out in the park? Not that those aren't cool things to do... but we do think that one of our roles as parents is to broaden our children's horizons and expose them to all the world has to offer in dance, music, sports and art.  Also hanging out in the park all day makes me nuts  long for some culture.

To that end, we took the kids to a museum today! Lily had a wonderful time. There is nothing she loves better than to be in a room full of valuable, breakable objects and be chased away from them over and over again.  Daniel kept asking when we were going to see "all the cool stuff".  I don't think I prepared him properly for this visit.  Also we have very different ideas about what "cool" means.

Andrew and I love to visit museums. We are perfectly happy to spend a day quietly wandering around in art, having a lovely lunch at the cafe, maybe sitting in a sunny window for a hour or so just soaking it in. I'm sure we will get to do that again, in about 16 more years. :)

For now we'll try today's strategy again, with maybe a few tweaks.  We'll plan a short visit (one gallery or show). We'll bribe them with sugar  enjoy a little treat together, and make sure there is some fun kid friendly running around time before and/or after.  Cause after they look at lots of statues of "pretty ladies" (Lily), they will want to pose as " big strong men" (Daniel).

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