Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week I found myself coloring in tiny paper turkeys while waiting for Daniel's track class to finish.  Squeezed into a small folding chair, holding my coat on my lap, surrounded by screaming children and their frantic Friday afternoon parents... and I've got markers and an envelope full of paper balanced on my lap. Because that is when I had time in a very busy week to color in turkeys. And having little paper turkeys to stick on top 24 cupcakes was very, very important, somehow.

How did this happen!? I'm no pinterest fan. I do have a subscription to Martha, but I've stopped cutting out the articles. No, really, I have.

Last week Lily came home with a note. "Dear families. We are having a Thanksgiving celebration on Monday, 11/19.  Please bring in or send to school a ____________". And my paper was filled in "cake".  I think I took this as a personal challenge. Somehow making a perfect cake for a party for toddlers was going to prove my mommy skills.  I knew it was ridiculous. I knew we had a busy week and this was pushing it. But, the idea was in my head and I could not bring myself to just go to a bakery.

So, I made vanilla cupcakes and frosted them with 4 Thanksgiving-ish shades.

Then I google imaged, printed and colored in tiny turkeys.  Thank goodness by this point of the project it had become a family affair! Andrew cut the turkeys out and Daniel glued them onto short sticks of spaghetti (Pieces of spaghetti, I found, are a perfect substitute when you realize you don't have any toothpicks and it's too late to go to the store. FYI.)


Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and teeny-tiny turkey decorations.  Which I'm sure the room full of hungry, just-woke-up-from-nap 2 year olds in Lily's class REALLY admired before they licked all the frosting off.

Mommy skills proven.  Unfortunately Lily's teacher has already suggested I make the dessert for the Christmas party.

(And no, no child accidentally swallowed the spaghetti sticks or ate the paper.)


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