Monday, July 16, 2012

Gratitude on Family Day

One year ago today our family of four landed in America, at last.  We were exhausted, smelly, grimy, over burdened and shaky but immeasurably happy.

One year later I offer some belated Thank You's....

to the flight attendant who filled bottle after bottle with warm water for Lily's formula with nary a complaint (maybe just one eye roll)

to the airport driver who let us ride in the "mekina" (car) through the terminal, fulfilling one of Daniel's (newly formed) life-long dreams.

to the flight attendant who let me stand up, holding a sleeping baby against my chest, even though the seatbelt sign was on. Because we all knew that if I sat down, the crying (ok, screaming), would begin again.

to the passengers to gave baby girl high fives and wiggled their fingers at her, over and over again.

to the other mother in the looooong, hot, immigration line who said, "Would your kids like a lollipop?". I am eternally grateful for your perfect timing and enormous kindness.

to whoever brought Andrew and I steaming hot cups of coffee in the airport terminal as our children met their extended family for the first time.

to the man at the long term parking lot who cheerfully and calmly fixed Lily's car seat for us.

to my mother and sister, who left macaroni and cheese in the fridge, and cookies in the pantry.

to our children, for sleeping through most of the flights, and being amazing, resilient troopers through that whole 24 hour trip.  We were, and continue to be, in awe of you.

to all the members of our church, and the co-workers and friends and family members who gave to our children so generously. We had such bounty and such kindness all around us.

It does, indeed, take a village.

Who would you thank, if you could, today?

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