Friday, July 6, 2012

An Education...

One reason I started this blog to try and develop and catalog some Ethiopian history and culture materials for my children.  I don't know why it took me nearly a year, but this month I realized- no one else is going to teach them about their heritage. Duh.

I started a little on-line research, beginning with YouTube.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing with this Daniel present. We got a little side tracked watching cartoons that have been dubbed in Ahmaric.

So, here you go... my first foray into Ethiopian culture.  Madagascar cartoon animals singing a popular Ethiopian song.  It is pretty cute...



  1. Nice to see you blogging on this, Becky!

  2. BTW, when the kids get a little older, I highly recommend this program if it is still around. This year is the first year of the camp. We pick Liam up from the camp tomorrow and from what I hear it was a fabulous week. Here he is with the buddies in his bunk.

  3. and the whole family may want to try this:
    Pact Camp


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