Monday, July 30, 2012

Daniel's First Movie

woohoo! 1000 page views! Who are you wonderful people who want to read my silly stories?! I love you!

Although we thought we were done with our Year of Firsts, we did experience a wonderful one this week... I took Daniel to see his first movie (in a movie theatre!)

The little town near our summer spot has a beautiful old movie theater. They show one movie a week, at 7PM, and have for decades.  Recently the old place was spruced up, but they made every effort to show off its great old fashioned qualities. The old popcorn machine, the stage, the giant red sashes, the tall windows hidden by thick curtains, the wide aisles and the big wooden seats. It is a special place to see a movie.

Lucky for our early to bed kids, this summer they added Sunday matinees. So while baby girl napped, I took our big boy to the big show! We saw the first Disney movie without an orphan as the main character! Hooray! I didn't even need the extra tissues I brought. (Don't ask me about my recent trauma watching Tarzan. I had to leave the room.)  Brave was a great story and Daniel had a great time.  We got popcorn and candy and took a silly photo.

What could be better?

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