Sunday, November 20, 2016

catching up - Ups and Downs

what's been happening with the Injera Mama Family this year...

UP: We started a school year without too much drama this year!
DOWN: We have really, really slacked off in our injera and wat eating. Like really. There's a whole lot of pizza and tacos and fries happening.

UP: Lily is doing really well in school this year! (PHEW)
DOWN: This is the last year Daniel will be in elementary school. I'm feeling a lot of feelings about his upcoming transition to Middle School. gulp.

UP: We refinanced our mortage!
DOWN: We will spend all the extra money on fixing our broken tile floors (someone is going to lose a toe)

UP: We traveled to California for a family wedding. Lily got to be Flower Girl, which was, in her words, THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE. She had so much fun going down the aisle they had her do it twice.
UP: We got to see my cousins for the first time in 5 years, which was awesome.

UP: I started a new teaching position in the same school- self contained Special Ed! It's amazing!
DOWN: I now spend 1-2 hours every night working, or feeling guilty for not working, or worrying about my extra-special kids, or worrying about if all my worry and work is hurting my own children.  More worry and more work, in a nutshell.

UP: We are pretty confident that our Ethiopian family is healthy and stable right now.
DOWN: Ethiopia is not so stable or safe at the moment, so we won't get to see our beloved family in 2017. Hoping for 2018. Hoping and hoping.

UP: I turned 40! Hooray for all the giving a @#$* I don't do anymore!
DOWN: I turned 40. yikes. I should really start eating better and seeing doctors and stuff.

UP: Took my daughter to phone bank and then vote for (what we hoped would be) the First Woman President.

DOWN: Election Day 2016. sigh.

And how are you?!

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