Monday, June 29, 2015

Wrapping up another school year

Here we were on Daniel's first day of school. Obviously, I scrawled that illegible announcement he is holding on a sheet of paper just seconds before, because: Mornings. (I have not mastered them. At all.)

And here we are on Lily's last day of wearing that hideous green and yellow uniform. She refused to take a picture on the actual last day because: 5 going on 2.

And here is the pile of stuff that Daniel brought home the last week of school. 3rd Grade = no joke. Somehow all this very important work was all inside his tiny desk at school, all year. Just about all of it went into the recycling bin. Moms and Dads of Pre-K and K kids take note: all those gorgeously sweet art projects your child brings home from school morphs into this pile of hideous math sheets and test prep guides fast. So if you want cute kid art to frame and decorate your walls Pottery Barn style, save it now, or go visit a friend with a 5 year old.

Lily's school work pile was no joke either, because her school had this notion that they were preparing their 4 year olds for early admission to Harvard. Her teacher actually said that they didn't have time to do holiday projects. So, no Valentines card for you mom, we are very busy learning algebra.  Anyway, those workbooks ended up in the recycling too. Luckily, Lily is one of those kids who enjoys filling out little spaces in little colorful worksheets, so she is no worse the wear. 

And here he is on the last day of school, looking a little puffy from the heat, and a little fed up with mom stopping to take photos of all these momentous occasions.

And so we finished up Pre-K and 3rd grade. Phew! It's funny, both my kids have such poor grasps on concepts of time and calendar that they both talked about what they were going to do at school today until I reminded them that school was over. It's a hard concept: 70 days of vacation. Well, well earned, I'd say!

Happy Summer!

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