Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easy Peasy Mac n Cheesy

We (the children and I) decided that this was the summer to teach Daddy how to cook. (A true Italian boy, the man cannot boil water.) 

First on the menu: Mac N Cheese. This is Daniel and Mommy's favorite food.  Lily won't touch it, but we keep putting it in front of her because who doesn't like mac and cheese?! One of these days she'll wake up and realize the error of her ways. 

Here is what that Daddy cooked today, which huge success!

Easy Peasy Mac N Cheesy

Boil up a box of your favorite pasta. We usually use shells or elbows.

Once the pasta is done, drain off the water, keeping the pasta in the pot. Most of the time, I turn the burner off, but on really cold days I might keep it on low.

Toss into the pasta pot: an inch cube of butter (about 2 tablespoons), a heaping tablespoon of flour, a cup of milk (we use whole), and about 2-3 cups of grated or cut up cheese. We usually use cheddar, occasionally tossing in some Parmesan or cream cheese or whatever mild cheese I have in the fridge. 

Stir, stir, stir til everything is melted and gooey and looking delicious. Eat immediately. 

Tonight we had ours with a side salad and some crunchy bacon. Heaven. (Lily ate a piece of bacon and some pear slices. Silly girl!)

What should we teach him to cook next!?

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  1. Scrambled eggs or pancakes. A mama likes to sleep. ;)


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