Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kitchen Tour!

It's done! Okay, almost done... But we are using it to cook and store food in, so I'm calling it done!  To celebrate I burned my finger making roast chicken tonight. Mommy is BACK! And my family can attest, mommy is in a MUCH better mood than she has been for oh, about 6 months.

So, here it is! Our almost done kitchen. My iPad photos don't really do it justice. The kitchen is kind of an L shape, which makes it hard to photograph. It's not really dark and cramped! It's actually perfectly lovely and spacious. 

My little helper! There she is cutting up a whole box of mushrooms with a butter knife. That gray backsplash does not look nearly so dark in real life. The blue tape is there to help us open the cabinets, which are still missing knobs. Also we are still in the "Where is the...?" " Where can we fit the....?" phase. So fun. We are not fighting at all. ;) 

Just squint and imagine the microwave above the stove. And also my finger out of the way. And oh my God, is that a dishwasher?! Yes, oh, yes it is!! 

View of the snow out one of the windows. To the left are the stairs to the basement (which is definitely not finished yet.)

That window over the sink ( I looooove that sink!) will one day look out over our garden. Which is what I like to imagine, instead of looking at what is there now: a broken toilet and other construction debris. 

Clearly I am not one of those bloggers with a fancy camera (and camera skills).  Thanks for your patience in reading all the trials and tribulations of our little house renovations and for looking at all my fuzzy photos. I promise to stop whining now about construction problems, and if I could I would bake you all a pile of cookies. I can't wait to show you the amazing kids play room that is being completed next!

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