Monday, February 11, 2013

Parenting Technique: The Grab and Run

Today I had the opportunity to practice a tried and true parenting technique; one so useful it has probably been around since the time of caves... The Grab and Run.

The Grab and Run is when your child is having a fit and will no longer follow verbal directions, you simply pick them up and get out of the area. Very useful in bookstores, playgrounds, birthday parties...

Today when I picked up Lily from daycare they were just wrapping up a birthday party. The room was filled with 2 year olds, cake and pink and purple balloons. Lily had decided that the mommy of the birthday girl was magical, probably let her kids eat cake all day and had a home filled with pink and purple balloons. She wanted nothing to do with me. She was going home with her friend! (she declared loudly).

I have found that I usually need to use the Grab and Run when I already have my hands full. It's important to be able, therefore, to pick up your child with one hand. As I've said before, if you are planning to adopt older children, start working out.  It is also important to prioritize. Do you really need that bag of oranges that just broke and rolled all over the sidewalk? No, not really, right?

Lily is 33 pounds. Today I carried her, two balloons (one pink, one purple), a bag of groceries and her bag out of her school and down the block to the car.  In the rain. Through snow drifts.

I hope one day that my daughter will have a small child as wilful as she is, and that I'll be able to email (or telepath, or whatever it is they will do to communicate in 25 years) this story to her. I hope.  Future payback is a small, but useful, comfort. :)

you might sometimes need the grab and run in restaurants. 

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