Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birds and Bees

Our six year old has recently acquired some new vocabulary. I will not share the specific words here, because I'm trying to avoid internet trolls visiting this site. So please forgive my intentional coyness.

Our son has been asking lots of questions about human reproduction. Yup, birds and bees and "how do the babies come out?" and "what's that?!" (pointing during bathtime).  Thankfully he's asked all these questions in the privacy of our home. Hopefully he's respecting our rules about not sharing this new, special information with his friends at recess.

We believe that there is nothing shameful or sinful about... human reproduction. We think it's perfectly natural for children to be curious about their own bodies and about how they came to be in this world. It would be pretty difficult for us to ask our child to ignore the evidence that... human reproduction... is important to adults when kissing and touching and bodies and .... are on display everywhere. Add in the fact that our son was born on another continent and looks nothing like us... he's got a lot of questions!

So, we answer them. As honestly and carefully as we can. We use the real words for things, and we don't ever say, "you're too young to know that!" or "that's rude?!"  Sometimes he responds with more questions. Sometimes he responds with "eeeeeewwwww!"  He's a six year old boy. He thinks kissing is gross, never mind...

Anyway, he's got a whole bunch of new information and it's all very exciting.  And, we might have gotten ahead of the game. There might not be that awkward 12 year old "Let me talk to you son." conversation.  By 12 he's going to be 6 feet tall and have 5 girlfriends anyway, at the rate he's going...

So, what have you been talking about at your house these days? ;)

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