Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gross me out!

Tonight I had to retrieve Daniel's new "bey blade" (spinning top thing that all children are obsessed with at the moment) from underneath the refrigerator.  As I lay on the floor with a ruler trying to dig it out from the dust bunnies, old roach traps and assorted crumbs that are also stuck under there (I swear my house is clean!), I thought, "Is this the most disgusting thing I have done as a mom so far?"...

Those writing teachers were correct, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Top Five Most Disgusting Things I've Done As A Mom So Far

5. Fished out a bey blade from under our fridge.

4. Scooped out poop from a bath while restraining two hysterical, soaking wet children. 

3. Cleaned up a wet toddler while also soaked in pee. 

2. Cleaned the car seat. Cleaned under the car seat. Shudder.

1. Collected, put into vials, and labeled giardia-laced stool samples from both children. (International adoptive families, can I get an amen!)

Okay, actually that's not all so bad. Except for the stool samples. That was bad. I really did think I was doing to die, and then I didn't. (But I never collected the other FIVE samples the specialist wanted. The kids are fine, totally fine. I just know it. If the doctor wants more stool samples to make sure, she can come over and collect them!)

Okay- top me! I know you moms of teens can do it. ;)

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