Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adoption 101

Showing off one of his cool new dance moves.

I blew an adorable little girl's mind today... Twice! While waiting for Daniel's dance class to start, we three had the following conversation:

Girl: Is that your aunt?

Daniel: Noooo! That's my mom!

Girl: But she's white, and you're black! What! ?

Me: Daniel, explain to her why we don't look alike.

Daniel: Um... Cause I'm Ethiopian!

Girl: huh?!!

Me: He was born in Ethiopia, and we adopted him, and his sister.

Girl: What!? You adopted a brown kid! They didn't have any white children!? What?!! Where's his real mom!?

Me (laughing) That's not how it works. Daniel looks like his Ethiopian family.  I am his real mom.

Girl: But what happened!!!?

Me: Well, his Ethiopian family couldn't take care of him, so we adopted him.

Girl: But where's his mom and dad!? What do they do?

Me: Daniel, tell her about your father.

Daniel: He's a farmer!

Girl: Oh, that explains it. And his mom?

Me: His first mother is dead.

Girl: She's dead!? Your mom is DEAD!?

Daniel: (shrug), yeah

By this time every adult in the room has turned to listen and has glistening eyes. I make a joke with the girl about how I've blown her mind with all this new information, and compliment her questions.

Class begins.

I can't stop smiling. Adoption 101. Everyone gets an A. ;))

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