Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas, Christmas

 The December passed in a big, jolly blur. There was much celebrating of many things, and many, many lists were made and checked and crossed off.

We are very tired.

Our Christmas surprise to the kids was a night at their favorite hotel. It has a giant water slide. And a buffet breakfast. What else do you need to be happy, at ages 5 and 9? Nothing.

So, here are some blurry photos of our blurry Holiday season. 

I look forward to the clarity of January!

We celebrated 3/4 Advent Sundays! A record!

I trimmed Lily's hair! 

We went to see The Nutcracker! (With our nutcracker, of course)

A tree was purchased.

And decorated.

Christmas morning! No tears! (This year we did not wrap the kids' presents. We unpackaged them, put the batteries in and put them under the tree. Christmas morning was "wow! Yes! Let's play!" BEST decision of 2015, hands down.)

Light sabers. Of course.

Recovering, poolside. Love those happy smiles.

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