Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hot and Bothered.

This is how we feel at the end of the summer... like we are waiting for the party to please, just be over.

The first week of summer is all WOO-HOO! PARTY! SLEEP IN! ICE CREAM!

The last week of summer is all... please, just stop, no more, too hot, is it Fall yet?

We've had a great summer, really, it was awesome. But we're all a bit worn out from all the fun having and the ice cream eating and the not having any structure all day-ing. 

We are hungover from the Summer Party. 

School starts in one week. And like it always is here in NYC the week before school starts, it's hot. Melting, sweaty before you dry off from the shower, smelly, nasty HOT.  Makes picking out cute back to school sweaters tricky. Makes lying around next to the air conditioner very appealing. Everyone in my house is highly unmotivated to do anything. Everyone in my house is very grumpy. Summer hangovers will do that to you.

So to all those folks who are already back-to-school- Congratulations! 

And for us here in the baking Big Apple, hang in there...

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