Monday, July 20, 2015

Harry Potter Birthday!

Decorations, before the children arrived

We had a Harry Potter birthday party! In April! But, you don't mind reading about it 3 months later, do you? Of course not! (thank you.) 

It was an awesome party, and since none of the kids noticed any of my handmade decorations (too busy running around screaming)... I'll share them here! I may have spent a lot of time on Pinterest while planning this party. Did you know some people had Harry Potter weddings!?! The world is a wonderful and strange place...

A hand painted Hogwarts Castle mural, complete with banners and "floating" candles.
(Actually toilet paper tubes with battery tea lights taped inside)

Our front door, aka "Platform 9 3/4"

It looks so simple on the outside...

Surprise! Jelly Beans inside! This was the highlight of the party, I think.
This actually worked! The mess and chaos stay contained on the main floors of our house.
And I don't even have a 3 headed dog!

This was actually from a few days later, but I had to show off. Daniel's spooky Diary of Tom Riddle cake, complete with "blood" (strawberry jam), and a fake basilisk tooth (actually a replica dinosaur tooth)

Next year I'm just ordering pizzas. Actually, who am I kidding, I LOVE this nonsense. They will only be kids for a few more years...  bring on the themed, crazy birthday parties!

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