Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In lieu of...

Disney World or Land * (I always mix those up).... Lily and I headed to Sesame Place**!

I had to do something special for my girl, as I sent her favorite brother away to sleep away camp for a whole week!

Lily has no qualms about running up to the characters, nor does she have cognitive dissonance about knowing that there are real people inside. She loves all the walking giant fuzzy characters. She does think it strange that they don't talk. 

I'm so glad I followed the advice of online reviews and paid for a "Dine With Elmo" dinner. The characters weren't really accessible in the park. In fact, a couple of them rebuffed Lily's attempts at hugs and were pulled away by their handlers. If the pay-enormous-fees-for-prints photographer isn't there, no hugs!

The dinner was fun: A buffet of simple, kid-friendly food and a little show. Plus the characters are all hanging out in one room and there was plenty of time for photos.

Lily charmed the Count by trying to hide in his cape.

They sat together during the "Birthday Party" show.

Feeding Cookie Monster her cookie. I'm sure that has never been done before!

Not pictured, mercifully: me trying to get my butt out of the inflatable tube,  my crazed expression going down the water chute, or my face trying to hide my fear of heights at the top of Slide Mountain.  Lily was adorable throughout the day, saving her temper tantrum for the shoe store we stopped in on the way to the hotel to replace my broken flip flops. Apparently it was very, very important that she have all white sandals one size too small, and I am the meanest mom ever for denying her.

In all, it was a great day. The water rides were really fun and the park was clean and well staffed. We lucked out on a stormy/cloudy day- it wasn't crowded at all. Lily would have spent all day at Count's Splash castle, and I was pretty happy sitting poolside. 

I am in no way being compensated for writing about our fun day at Sesame Place. If Sesame Place wants to give this little blogger free passes for life... that's totally fine... 

* We've pretty much decided that Disney is out of our league, financially and patience-ly. Forgive us, Disney.

** I did have a few qualms about giving any money to Sea World (which owns Sesame Place), because I cried my way through Blackfish. But... there are no sad dolphins or tortured whales in the splash pad, thank goodness.

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