Saturday, February 14, 2015

Catching Up...

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Or, if you are like I was about 10 years ago... Happy I HATE Valentines just leave me alone day)

I'm not really sure where the last month went... it's all kind of a blur. I know I went to work. I know that dinners were served and activities and church attended. There was snow, and shoveling, and lots and lots of layers that needed to be put on-off-on-off-wash-on- (where is your other glove!!!???) off.

I working hard on not hating Winter this year. I'm doing mostly okay with this; I have a warm house and a warm classroom to spend my time in. But we are going a bit stir crazy. We are in desperate need of Vitamin D. We're all looking a bit budgy around the middle (there has been a lot of baking going on.)

Next week we are on vacation, and we will spending our time running around the city having fun adventures and NOT sitting around on the couch whining for more snacks. Gosh darn it.

I'm also hoping to catch my breath after the breakneck speed of the past couple of weeks.  Maybe tackle a few of the piles of things that are starting to grow in the corners of the house. Maybe read a book...

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