Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good New, Bad News

Andrew finished reading the Harry Potter Series to Daniel last week.*

The good news: Daniel and Lily are still very interested in "playing wands"... every long, thin object in our home is now a magic wand.

The bad news: Every long, thin object in our home is now a magic wand. I'm subjected to the killing curse about every 6 minutes.

The good news: Reading this challenging series has helped Daniel learn lots of vocabulary and grown his interest in literature.

The bad news: It's a very challenging series, and so he's constantly asking me to explain the finer points of plot. Especially when I'm driving.

The good news: Even Daniel admits that the movies are not as good as the books.

The bad news: We let Lily watch the movies too, and even though she SWORE she was not going to have nightmares, she did. So we both spent a restless night in my bed tormented by Voldemort's evil face.

*Andrew is the one who did most of the reading aloud, because I cannot (even after multiple re-readings) get through those books without crying.

Dumbledore: "Even now, after all these years?"
Snape: "Always."

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