Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Me: Some Christmas Instructions...

Dear Me:

Here are some things you will want to remember in about 11 months. Every year you THINK you will remember the little tricks and timing to make Christmas go smoothly, but you DON'T. 12 months is a lot of time, anything can happen to mess up your memory. Like parenting two young children.

So here you go: your guide to surviving  enjoying the Holiday Season.

1. Order 75 Holiday cards. You will balk at the cost, but you will feel better having extra than running out like you did this year. (Sorry friends.)

2. Don't carry around the pack of 75 cards around in your work bag for 2 weeks (losing a few cards to coffee spillage and wear and tear). Pick one day to address and mail them,  and then just. do. it.

3. You already have Christmas outfits for the kids! (Hooray consignment shop post-holiday sales!) Congratulations! They probably won't fit come next Fall. Around October, check and then panic shop. And remember- it really doesn't matter. On Christmas Eve they will change into their Halloween costumes as soon as they can anyway. Nothing is more festive than your daughter in a shredded Elsa costume and Daniel as Lord Voldemort.
** Don't forget to take photos of your kids looking cute in their festive clothing before they change.

4. This year you are really, truly forgoing the "surprise" holiday gift route because your children cannot handle it. Have them pick out their own Amazon wish lists (Then send the link out to all their relatives), and forget the wrapping paper too. Who needs the mess and waste!? Stick bows on the boxes and pray for a less anxious Christmas morning.

5. Don't put the tree up til the week of Christmas. You will hate it so much less on 12/26. You might actually still be enjoying it on New Year's.

6. One ornament at least will break. Don't sweat it. That's what super glue and the internet is for.

7. Have a steady supply of booze and wine on hand. It just helps.

8. Don't bring the chocolates home from work. It's not worth the diet you will need to go on in January.

9. Make a large batch one kind of very simple cookie and have the kids help you bag them and label them. Get all the teacher gifts in November so you don't have to go to Target in December.

10. Save the "good" Christmas cookies for family and close friends. DO NOT make extra. See #8.

11.  Eat a lot of salad and soup in December. See # 8.

12. Don't stress out so much. It's just a holiday. The best part of Christmas this year for Lily was getting to eat French fries for dinner, and for Daniel it was your lax attitude towards Minecraft. Low exception = happy holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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