Friday, March 14, 2014

Early Mornings...

walking with a friend on a day whispering of Spring.

I woke up early this morning, and actually got out of bed instead of laying there worrying and getting kicked by our daughter. (Yes, Lily is still spending her nights in our bed. Nope, I don't want to talk about it.)

Andrew and I are having one of those weeks when we don't see each other. We should invest in fog horns, so that we can act out the metaphor we are living... Honk at each other like the passing ships we are Monday-Thursday. So it was nice to sit and drink coffee together and catch up a bit. We are leaving for Ethiopia (!) in 4 weeks. And we don't have the kids' passports yet. And we just got a letter from the State Department requesting another document. Soon some office in Maryland will have the ORIGINALS of my children's Ethiopian birth certificates, their Ethiopian adoption degree, and their USA name change certificates. The thing about international adoption is that you are forever needing 12 pieces of paper proving you are a family. (Our health insurance still hasn't really figured it out. Their names are all kinds of wrong on our forms.) So, I'm working on suppressing my anxiety that the passports will not be ready by the time our (very, very expensive) plane trip is supposed to happen. The fact that some stranger in some office has the original, completely irreplaceable paperwork proving my children are, in fact, my children, doesn't help.

So I've got a few things on my mind, all racing each other to the front of my worrying and hitting each other trying to take the top spot...   Here they are, in no particular order.

- Did our Contractor go MIA? The work is pretty much done, well except for the doors that aren't hung, the steps that need staining and that one piece of missing molding in the hallway... oh, and the big falling down garage full of contracting materials and old toilets.  The view from our back windows is... less than scenic. Right now the contractor is not returning our texts. I'm hoping that one day he realizes that we actually owe him money and show up.

- Will Lily EVER sleep in her own bed, or are we doomed to waking up with little heel shaped bruises all over us forever?

- Will I ever recover from Daylight Savings Time?

- Will I ever find room for all the THINGS that we own? I was stunned to find that all the stuff that fit into our tiny apartment somehow cannot be properly put away in our much larger house. Leading me to rethink every purchase I've ever made. Why!? Why!? do we own 3 picnic baskets? And how did we wind up moving them? The joke is, and I think I even wrote about it here, (!) that I thought I had really purged our belongings. Now here they all are, in my house, laughing at me. Someone come over and show me where I should store the cupcake carrier, please! *

* The good news is that we will probably have a yard sale, which has been Daniel's dream for some time now. He thinks we will make a lot of money. Ha! Of course, he thinks $7 is a lot of money, so he may be correct.

I hope all of you have recovered from Daylight Savings Time (or government-enforced completely-unnecessary Jet Lag time)... unless you are lucky enough to live in Arizona where they don't change their clocks around twice a year for no good reason.  I hope you all don't have a cupcake carrier you can't fit in your cupboards, or any other silly problem keeping you awake in the dark.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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