Friday, February 28, 2014

Magical Home Improvements!

Home Renovation; it's like Magic! Only with lots more money, time, stress and hard work!

Today the playroom carpet was installed and we moved all the toys downstairs and TA DA!


Oh, it's so, so, so wonderful to finally have this space.  The kids are downstairs right now, which means the rest of the house is QUIET. And TOY FREE. Which means that I don't need to constantly navigate rooms full of tiny Barbie shoes and plastic superheroes. The kids are blissed out. I'm blissed out. And now I remember: oh yes, THIS is why we bought this old house! Right, that WAS a good decision.  It's been 6 months, and I'm finally liking my house. PHEW.

So here you go... the magical house improvement, in just a few iphone photos. (And 4 months and 47 trips to Home Depot and westoppedcounting $$$ and waaaaaayyyy too much of me stressing out about tile.)


A kitchen in the basement with an unvented gas stove! That's safe, right?!

The basement hallway. No, I'm not joking. Both my shoulders touched the walls.  Shudder.

One of the two basement bedrooms. 
We gutted. Everything. Absolutely everything. Then they framed out new walls, ceiling, window casements and doorways.

New walls, new cement floor, new elecrical work.

Laundry hook ups, and new washer and dryer and slop sink.

Bright cream colored paint. Lots of outlets. Outlets for everyone!
"Wood" tiles in the laundry area. So pretty. So easy to clean.

A brand new stair case! 

Not pictured: a new bathroom with shower stall. 


We still need to buy a couch and put the toys and furniture in some kind of order. But that lovely tan carpet just really pulls the room together, doesn't it?  I imagine lots of hours of happy memories made in that room.  Hours and days and years... We are so blessed.

Who wants to come over to play?!

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