Monday, October 28, 2013

Construction Surprises!

It might be fitting that construction on our little old house started this week, the Spookiest Week of the Year. Because there were some nasty surprises waiting in our basement today...

A crew of five men demolished the illegal apartment that had somehow been smooshed into our basement.

Ta da! No walls! That door in the back leads to our storage room, where we have stashed a bunch of junk I wonder why we moved here in the first place. 

The plumber is coming tomorrow to work out some of our pipe issues. Surprise! We have leaks!

Leaks all over the place! Are those wires? Snakes? 

This beautiful handcrafted staircase leads up to the kitchen... And what's that, in the dark under the stair?...

Why it's a sink! With an outdoor drain emptying into it! How clever! 


The ceiling does look like it is going to hold up though. I'm incredibly grateful and relieved that we've started work on our house. I'm actually growing kind of fond of it...

Tomorrow the kitchen gets demolished. Hooray! I will not miss that tiny sink or lopsided stove one bit.

What surprises are in store for us next?!

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