Saturday, September 7, 2013


So this week our floors were sanded and our bedrooms painted. So we traveled...

First we spent two nights at a local hotel. Small room, free breakfast. We let the kids watch TV. ( Anyone else wonder what the folks writing cartoons are smoking?)

Then the kids and I spent two nights at Grandma and Grandpa's new home. They still have lots of boxes, but no dust or cat smell. And, they let me sleep in (past 7!!!) The kids loved the new pool. Mommy liked the new hot tub. It was during this stay that I realized I'd packed no shoes for myself. I started to get a bit tired of the black flip flops I'd been wearing all week.

The final stop of the week was Bear Mountain. There Daddy would join us (poor guy, he'd spent two nights in a hotel All. By. Himself.) We'd celebrate my dad's birthday. The lodge was great. 

Daniel: There's a TV in every room!! Can I watch one?!
Mom: no.

The kids liked the playground next to the lake. This is when I realized I'd traveled an hour and spent a great deal of money just to do what I do every Saturday at home: Sit in a park and read my phone while my kids run around. Only the view was a bit better.

As always happens when you plan a big birthday party: someone got sick. So we ate pizza on the porch and toasted Grandpa with plastic cups of wine. Thankfully he wasn't the one who got sick.

I may have started drinking heavily day 4 of this journey.

Side cars are delicious. You should try one.

The kids are all asleep now. Or they better be, if they know what's good for them.

(Not all the kids were excited about their matching t-shirts.)

Tomorrow we go home and move in, again. The painters (who said they'd be done Wednesday, then Friday, then Saturday...) have been told that Monday is the first day of school and we are NOT sleeping anywhere but our own beds. 

$&@? it.

How was your weekend?!

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