Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Ten Reasons I love Lily's Daycare

One day during our vacation Lily went to daycare.  Yes even though I was not working. Really it was for her own safety, because she had been so thoroughly TWO the day before that it was best for both of us to spend a day apart.  Her teacher, who is a saint on earth, asked me with a grin when I picked Lily up, "What did she do to you yesterday?"  She knew, she just knew.  And she loves Lily anyway.

So here, in honor of hard working moms everywhere, and to the wonderful day care providers who make this modern life possible are:

Lily in her school clothes. Hideous green uniform not on the top ten list, for sure. 

Top Ten Reasons I Love Lily's Day Care

10. She has learned her colors, shapes, to count to 10 and a smattering of the alphabet in just 6 months.

9. Everyone in the building knows Lily's name and says hello to her when they see her.

8. Each month they study a new letter, shape, color and number, as well as some other "theme" such as insects, community workers or food.

7. She has homework twice a week. (I don't really like that, but Lily does, so it's okay.)

6. Most of the staff and students are African-American. Which means Lily spends most of her day with folks who look like her.

5. Both her teachers wear beautiful,  healthy, natural hair.  (Again, giving Lily some beautiful, healthy role models who look like her!)

4. Every day Lily eats a hot breakfast and hot lunch as well as snacks, provided by the school.  I don't have to pack ANYTHING! (This almost made it to the #1 slot, for breakfast alone.)

3. Lily's teachers are consistent, loving and patient. Really, really patient.

2. They potty trained her! (Again, this was almost #1.)

1. Every morning Lily runs eagerly in the door. Every afternoon she comes back out happy, tired and clean.  (Happy means she had a productive, fun day. Tired means she was active and engaged. Clean means that they are paying attention and taking careful care of her.)

I'm so grateful to have such wonderful child care providers. One parent staying home is not an option for us, and it is with happy peace of mind that I drop Lily off every day to play and learn with her teachers. Not everyone is so lucky, I know. What didn't get on the top ten list are the fees we pay, but that is certainly part of our consideration.  Day care and nursery schools in our city can be outrageously expensive. We are blessed to not be paying more than we can afford, and still getting good care.  Some day maybe, universal affordable child care will be the norm, not the exception.

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