Sunday, September 23, 2012


chasing each other during my sister's wedding, two weeks after we became a family

It's an old adage, I think, that you never get the children you planned on having.  (Certainly that is true in our case!)  But even if you didn't create your family in the circuitous route we took ("trying"-infertility-adoption), you probably have children who surprise you, who challenge you, and who force you to change your life.

Andrew and I are not athletic types. At all. We can both walk around museums til our feet fall off, and love to take long slow walks in the woods.  We occasionally splash around in a pool. But we're not sporty.  Enter Daniel and Lily. These kids like to MOVE.

Friday found me, with sneakers on, walking around the local YMCA track. Occasionally I'd pause to watch Daniel in his track class.  While I was counting down the hour, checking my watch far too often, my son was grinning and jumping and dashing and bouncing and running.  He was gleeful, so long as his turn was next and he was the fastest.  Every week he runs a lap before the class begins, plays tag after it is over, and wants to join the basketball game as we are leaving.  Most of last year I sat on the bleachers reading or catching up with my email while Daniel ran. This year I thought, this is ridiculous, Becky. Get off your butt!  I used to do yoga in the evenings somewhat regularly. These days I rarely find the motivation to get off the couch at night. (See: sleep battles.)  But chasing Lily around and carrying groceries just can't be the only exercise I get. And then there is my son, reminding me that moving can be FUN.

A recent rainy day we took refuge in the gym, and Daniel asked me to play basketball with him. I sighed, I made a meal of putting my phone and book down.  Then I picked up the ball. Well, wouldn't you know, those basketball drills in those mandatory high school gym classes actually took! I made a basket! (Okay, the net was set to child height, but still. Nothing but net!)

So I made a deal with Daniel- we'll come to the gym an extra day a week and play and run together.  I'll put my sneakers on, I'll move. And when I need inspiration, I just need to take a peek at my son's wide grinning face.

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